Don’t Touch My Phone: Motion alarm App Download

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Don’t Touch My Phone: Motion alarm App Download

Try not to touch my phone is the anti-burglary versatile app that recognizes movement when someone attempts to touch or separate the charger of your phone without your consent. Don’t Touch My Phone: Motion alarm App Download. This is the most solid Safety Alarm for your cellular gadget.

Don’t Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm with the secret word is the best for Mobile Lock 2019 also with an extraordinary IMEI gadget tracker.

Discover quickly who attempts to open my phone. Utilize portable touch caution with movement sensors and indicators.

? Use the Don’t touch my phone app to overly verify your smartphone if

1. The caution will ring promptly when someone touches your phone

2. Find Who is attempting to touch your phone.

3. It is safe to say that you are stressed in the event that someone is attempting to mess with your smartphone?

4. This straightforward and valuable security has spared my phone a few times.

5. You are apprehensive your phone will be taken. Hoodlums despise this caution!

6. Trepidation who attempts to open your phone

7. Your companions are snooping into your phone to peruse your writings and private messages without your authorization.

8. Reluctant to disregard it in broad daylight places like schools or air terminal

9. Your children, kin, relatives, or associates are utilizing your phone when you’re nowhere to be found

10. Envious accomplice is continually snooping into your cell phone


Anticipate unapproved access with a snappy and simple arrangement


Don't Touch My Phone

1. Press START to enact the Anti-Theft Alarm.

2. Spot the gadget on a fixed spot for example Table

Other Security Features of the Don’t touch my phone protection app:

1. PIN Code for super security

2. Unique finger impression to Switch off the alert.

3. Detach Charger alert – Protect your phone while charging a cellphone – A caution will sound when someone attempts to separate the charger link.

4. Electric lamps when the alert is activated

5. Add postponement to Alarm Sound – Ringtone will be activated after the time you arrange.

6. Record and Setup your own custom caution sound, an intrusive individual can not close down

7. Antitheft Alarm for your cell phone to excessively verify your valuable smartphone.

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– It’s an infringement to touch private stuff

1. When the caution is actuated criminal CAN’T decrease the alert volume regardless of whether your Phone is in quiet mode.

2. The app runs in the foundation in any event when the phone is turned off.

3. This straightforward security app has spared my gadget. Cheats loathe this portable security!

4. Ever pondered – Where is my Phone? Is it safe? Who is attempting to get to my phone constantly without an authorization?

5. Is Someone meddlesome at the workplace? Record your own voice message and arrangement as a caution ringtone. The nosey individual will monstrosities and runs out of the house and won’t deny the snooping now…

6. Is your subtly exhibition a vault? Conceal pictures and recordings from snoopy and hooligan people. Keep your messages furtively with anti chat alternative. Like, Don’t Touch My Hair Game.

Utilizing this uncommon security monitor app introduced on your phone you will figure out how to find the hoodlums and pinpoint their definite area.

Try not to touch my smartphone here is another anti-theft and anti-theft private stuff we do mind.

Try not to touch my phone protection app is great against criminals, kids, and boisterous individuals, and its an awesome security framework. Simply place your phone alongside the entryway and have a decent night’s rest. Discover my phone is a simple to utilize utility to discover taken phones.


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