Slow Motion Video FX Fast & Slow mo editor Apk Download For Android

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Slow Motion Video FX Fast & Slow-mo editor

Slow Motion Video FX Fast & Slow-mo editor Apk Download For Android. Make a Slow-mo video from an ordinary clasp!?

Make a slow-motion video ?! You can likewise make an enchantment quick motion video. This is the post-preparing editorial manager ✏️. You can alter your video and change its speed it.

Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the yield movie. A couple of thoughts


slow Motion Video App Download


Slow Motion Video FX Fast & Slow mo editor Apk Download For Android
Slow Motion Video FX Fast & Slow-mo editor Apk Download For Android

– record your discourse and make it slow – you’ll sound extremely odd;

– make your discourse quick – you will seem like a modest little mouse!

– record a few articles tumbling down like – table spoon, nuts, seeds and… make it slow – it will look amusing!

– record you any spitting water and slow it down;

– just record your pets in slow motion;

– slow down your game exercises. make a slow-motion video when you ride on your snowboard or during surfing;

– change the movie when you do exercises like running. Make the slow-mo video from it;

– and obviously, all different thoughts that ring a bell 🙂

In the new form of application, you can utilize 2 kinds of altering processes:

a) Simple procedure – simply slow-mo the entire video. Simply set the speed you need to set and appreciate the video impact result.

b) Advanced procedure – here you can include uncommon time focuses and change the speed of the video in various time focuses. Peruse more data underneath.

Instructions to utilize the slow-mo application-propelled process ?:

1) choose the video you need to slow down or speed up. u can choose it from the display, or record the enhanced one. Trim video first in the event that you need. Keep in mind, this is simply posted preparing application, and we can not mysteriously discover more fps, at that point your hardware camera has. You can slow motion 24 fps, yet it will look less normal, at that point if your camera record more fps.


Slow Motion App Download For Android


2) add the focuses to the course of events, move them. On the off chance that you move the point up, you will add the speed to your movie. On the off chance that you move the point down, you will make the video slower. In the event that you leave the point in the center, the speed of the video won’t change.

3) play with focus and spare video to your exhibition!

4) Add video channels to your movie. Include sound and music!

5) play video on our slow-motion player, choose it from the exhibition.

Our slow motion maker is the one and only one, which allows making numerous focuses with the various speed in one movie. The speed in our application is evolving easily. Abatement speed of the video smoothly. Control video outline rate how you like.

Attempt a few models right now video manager:

– slow motion with music

– slow-motion hair flip

– slow-mo baseball swing

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– breakdance, feline drinking, auto collision and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can choose time interim in our basic mode and select your slow-motion speed like 1/2x, 1/3x up to 1/5x, or quick motion – video increasing speed up to 5x.

Presently you have a slow-motion camera in your pocket!


Yield video can be transferred to Youtube or Instagram – show your companions and get several ‘likes’!


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